Three innovative ideas for the right to health

Healthcare is not limited to fighting diseases with medicines and expensive treatments. Good health starts with a decent home, healthy food, a workable job and so on.

But that isn't what the Belgian healthcare system currently provides.

Not yet.

Because we believe things could be different.


Discover our vision in the videos below.


Affordable medicines

Medicines are too expensive, and knowledge is privatised in the form of patents.

But what if patents are no longer necessary? What if we break down the power of the pharmaceutical giants?

That is only possible if we put the development of medicines entirely in public hands, from A to Z. That is exactly the idea behind the European Salk Institute.


Preventive healthcare

Our healthcare is among the best in the world. At least when it comes to curing sick people. But Belgium is not nearly as good at keeping people healthy.

That is why we want a health centre in every region, dedicated to preventive healthcare.


Preventive healthcare

In many sectors, you take home more than just your pay packet: you get back pain, neck pain or a burnout too.

Do we want to make work workable again? In that case, we need to draw more of employers’ attention to their responsibilities. And we can do that by recognising work-related illnesses readily and more widely.


Because health is a right.
50 years of Medics for the People.

Watch and immerse yourself in the world of Medics for the People and our eleven fantastic teams who want to change the world.

Medics for the People is an association of multidisciplinary group practices. We have been providing medical care free of charge for the past 50 years. Medics for the People is composed of medical centres and action centres, campaigning for the right to health, founded as an initiative by the PVDA/PTB party. Together with patients, we strive for a healthy society and good healthcare for everyone.